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In 1886, Albert F. Karges, a first generation immigrant, invested $600 to begin making moderately priced, American-style furniture out of local hardwoods in Evansville, Indiana. Karges was one of more than forty furniture companies in the area at this time. After WWI, Albert’s son, Edwin Karges Sr., an artist at heart, joined the company. After traveling Europe, Mr. “K” convinced his father to try some of the unique and traditional designs of European furniture. Because of Edwin Sr.’s designs, Karges Furniture pulled away from the pack with elaborate, carved case pieces and was set on the path to becoming the company it is today.

Kindel, Karges, and Councill collectively are known today as Kindel Grand Rapids. Kindel Grand Rapids is enormously proud to build fine furniture every day, using time-honored techniques reflecting a passion for the finest furniture in the world. A commitment to the details: bench assembly, hand-selected veneers, hand carving, hand-painted decoration, and hand finishing defines Kindel Grand Rapids as a true, American, luxury brand.


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