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If you ask 50 different designers how to decorate a room you’ll receive 50 different responses and hopefully a few solutions. Modern to traditional, spare to layered, empty or cluttered. Maybe collected, maybe full of art, maybe rich, maybe just get started basic. Eclectic, themed, old, new, neutral or color. It isn’t to say that any of these descriptions is the ONE way to go.

Once you start making decisions it usually influences others – kind of like dominoes but not automatic plus the process may stop and start. Take it slow, take it fast. That is up to you. Try to enjoy the process and relax. It is only furniture. Be open to ideas if you are working with a designer or aesthetically inclined friend.

You do need to start somewhere – with something you love, an object, a color, a look, the need for function versus form, with a budget or without …

No budget? Lucky you, but a “carte blanche” approach doesn’t guarantee success. Is there a desire for comfort over style ( you know, you can always have both!) or just a wisp of an idea ? If you have any questions about the process or need a professional opinion, we’re here to help. You can contact us by phone, email or stop by our showroom.

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