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The Grandmillenial Style


The style forecasters said it, the influencers said it, now mainstream media is embracing the return of pretty traditional rooms full of color, graceful lines, and a reverence for classic style. They have dubbed the style “Grandmillennial,” and it is the antithesis of everything that we have been seeing in the past several years. Gray, taupe and natural textures are suddenly passe, and are being replaced with cheerful colors and (GASP) chintz in all its floral glory. Luxury fabrics are also enjoying a moment, with a resurgence of velvets, silks, and brocades. Brown furniture, those stalwart mahogany and walnut pieces so reviled for the past twenty years, suddenly looks fresh after all the bleached, cerused, and distressed pieces that play into the aesthetic of the “relaxed” look we’ve been told is the only way to decorate, unless of course one wants hard edged modern style.

The library pictured is a project in progress for a home here in Houston. My clients wanted a space that was luxurious, comfortable, warm, and stylish, all hallmarks of the Grandmillenial look. What I love about this space is the fact that it says everything about the style trends of 2020, but could also have been designed at any point of the last century, because it is in every respect, timeless.

If you are ready to add some Grandmillenial flair to your space contact me, or any of the other design staff at Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture, and we will be happy to bring classic comfort and elegance to your home…

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